Corporate Travel Solutions

Data Collection and Management

Premier Travel understands that an essential part of successful travel management is comprehensive data collection. We work closely with our clients to implement effective pre-trip data collection methods that lead to actionable information. Then, we follow through to provide post-trip reporting for reconciliation, budgeting, program management and more. Our in-house team is happy to prepare specialized reports as needed or our clients can access data via our online reporting site. Premier's reporting capabilities provides our corporate clients with the information they need to develop effective travel programs, manage budgets and maximize cost, reconciliation and more.

Travel Consultants

Quality and experience

Travel can be frustrating enough without someone on your side. What sets Premier Travel apart is the quality of our Travel Consultants

Those who have worked with big travel agencies know that calling and speaking with the same agent twice is a unique experience. With Premier, you will deal with experienced agents who know the needs of the corporate traveler, and will take the time to get to know your specific needs. Although Premier employs the latest in travel technology, what makes us stand out is the service level provided by these dedicated individuals.

Who we are

Our travel consultants:

  • Have an average of over 15 years of experience in the travel industry.
  • Work with designated accounts, allowing our clients to work with an agent who knows their specific needs.
  • Have been at Premier for years. Low turnover means that our clients can count on the same agents serving them season after season.
  • Have specialized knowledge of the needs of the corporate traveler, and the companies that employ them.
  • Are trained to make use of the automation that Premier Travel employs to serve our clients even more efficiently.
  • Work in support of our online booking tool, giving our clients the option of booking online without sacrificing service.

Additional Services & Programs

24/7 Global Travel Assistance Service

Premier knows that today's corporate travelers traverse time zones to conduct business as often as they once drove across town. We realize that you and your travelers expect highly personalized service wherever you are in the world, particularly at those times when your travel is not going smoothly.

It is because of this that Premier Travel has partnered with the Travel Industry's Premier 24-hour Global Emergency Travel Assistance Service, Travel Helpline. For over 20 years, Travel Helpline has been successful in continuously providing superior travel assistance to travelers.

Unlike other services, Travel Helpline is comprised of call center and office-based travel counselors. Operating exclusively out of two, full-service reservations centers, in Oyster Bay, New York and Shannon, Ireland, their dedicated travel professionals are skilled at providing personalized, attentive service.

Keep in mind that Travel Helpline is an emergency service, and there are extra fees associated with its use. We would love for everything to always go smoothly, and for you to be able to deal with a Premier Travel Consultant every time; we know our clients and can serve you best. However, if our travelers do find themselves in an emergency situation, Travel Helpline's excellent service will be there to get them out of lineā€¦and onto the plane.

Vendor Programs

In today's world, smart businesses reward loyalty and the travel industry is no exception. Everyone knows about frequent flyer programs, and many are also aware that car rental companies and hotel chains have similar programs to reward those travelers who travel often and use the same vendors. What most are not aware of is that more and more vendors are now offering similar and even more robust programs at the corporate level. These programs don't take the rewards away from the individual, but add incentives to the company that is vendor loyal.

Some benefits that may be associated with vendor loyalty programs:

  • Across-the-board, upfront discounts.
  • Soft-dollar incentives including free tickets and upgrade certificates.
  • Peripheral services included in rates, such as car class or room upgrades when available, navigation systems, insurance, etc.

Premier Travel will:

  • Make you aware of what vendor loyalty programs are available.
  • Offer our experienced advice about which programs are best for your company.
  • Make your discounted rates available whether you book with our online booking tool or with a travel consultant.
  • Ensure that your reservations include all of the information necessary.
  • Be your advocate, making sure that as your company proves its loyalty to your preferred vendors, you are able to take advantage of the programs best suited for your company's level of travel.