Technology Solutions

Premier's Web-Based Reporting

Customized Reporting

Clients design a custom reporting package, choosing from a collection of reports created to organize their travel data into usable formats to meet their specific internal reporting requirements. Information on air, car, and hotel reservations is available in addition to more advanced reporting on exchanged tickets, advance purchase trends and comprehensive executive summaries. Reports may be run at desired time intervals and are produced in Excel, PDF, HTML, XML or Word formats. Sort features provide the end user with the flexibility to pull relevant data for individuals, specific accounts or based on other criteria. We also have the resources to develop customized reports to assist companies in obtaining additional information or specific formatting to meet their accounting needs. All reports can be scheduled for recurring delivery individually or in batches via email.

Sensitive information, such as company and individual credit card information, is encrypted. Travel data is secure and online access is limited to specific reports and/or invoicing provided only to designated individuals.
Premier Travel Management offers a variety of reporting packages. Please contact us for pricing information.

Online Reservation System

Premier Travel Management offers a customizable web-based reservation system to meet your company's travel needs. By enforcing policies and encouraging selection of company preferred vendors within an automated “do-it-yourself” system, your company will combine the benefits of travel consolidation with lower booking costs. In addition, your travelers will have access to the level of service that can only be provided by seasoned travel agents familiar with your company's needs.


  • Each company gets a unique URL, accessible only to those you distribute it to. Or link to the tool from your company's intranet site.
  • The site will be branded with your company logo.
  • We have the capability to upload your written travel policy to your site making it available for review by company travelers at time of booking.

Profiles, Accounting, & Security

  • The built-in traveler profile allows travelers to update their personal information; no need to enter frequent traveler numbers, contact information, and forms of payment multiple times.
  • Custom fields can be created to collect trip data in the format necessary to meet your company's accounting requirements.
  • Sensitive company and individual information is safe-guarded to help ensure the highest level of privacy.

Vendor Consolidation

  • Corporate agreements with car rental companies, airline incentive programs, or negotiated rates at specific hotel properties can be built into your company's site.
  • Increase your negotiating power with vendors by consolidating your travel with Premier and tailoring your site to stress preferred vendors.

Ease Of Use

  • User-friendly interface provides easy to navigate screens guiding the travelers step-by-step through the reservation process.
  • Automatic airfare comparison is performed to advise the traveler of available lower priced itineraries.
  • Hotel searches are simplified by map view, showing the relative locations of hotels, allowing the user to narrow the results based upon various criteria, and still indicate company preferences.

Policy Enforcement

  • Air, Car, and Hotel rules can be built to set forth and enforce company policy to a high level of detail.
  • In and out-of-policy options are clearly delineated to assist the traveler in compliance.
  • Multiple trip notification options are available to allow travel arrangement to be monitored at the preferred frequency.

Contact Us

Contact us for a live demonstration of the online booking tool.

Mobile Application

Premier Travel Management uses the SafeToGo App to allow travelers to have a single location to view all of their current and upcoming trip information, right on their mobile device.

Itineraries will populate on the SafeToGo App, fully detailed, with no input necessary from the traveler – complete with hotel bookings and car rentals – and because it synchronizes with the device calendar the traveler can add their own events to the itinerary!

When changes are made to the itinerary by the travel consultant, the SafeToGo app receives a push notification to display the new arrangements.

On and shortly before the day of travel, an advanced scanning system monitors world media, flight schedule data, government web services and other postings for events that could impact a traveler’s trip. SafeToGo lets the traveler and travel arrangers know if a problem might affect a trip, and pushes alerts and itinerary changes to the traveler’s mobile device.

Travel Tracker

Premier offers clients access to the SafeToGo Traveler Tracking site. The SafeToGo Itinerary Map will display the location of all of the company’s travelers. If a hazard like a tsunami, terrorist activity, or freak weather develops, the hazard will automatically be displayed on the map. This is a great way for the client company to fulfill their duty of care for employees while traveling.

Travelers can be also be displayed on the map in a variety of useful ways: by traveler name; by airport of departure; by date range (who is traveling next week, to that airport, on that carrier?) and more…. Then, any of these combination of searches can be exported to a spreadsheet report. It becomes an arrival-departure manifest with complete delay and cancellation information, incredibly valuable for arranging transportation, adjusting car and hotel bookings, etc.